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Hotel La Grolla is situated in a panoramic view of the Cervino mountain (Mata horn). It offers great accommodations both in winter and in the summer. We offer a private playground for the young and a lounge equipped with television and bar to help make this a pleasant and relaxing experience. There is plenty of parking available.
Conveniently located near medical facilities, pharmacies, sport centers, magazine and tobacco shops, video rental and grocery stores all within 100 meters. We are located only 7km from the famous Casino della Vallee. There you will also find discos, pubs, and bars a great way to entertain friends and meet new people. Being located in the center of the Marmore and Anley Valley, which neighbors the most popular skiing stations including Breuil, Valtourneche, Charmois, Torgnon, and La Magdaleine. It offers a variety of slopes for both the beginner and the professional skier. For the security of our clients our hotel rooms are furnished according to the CEE ruling and meet fire prevention codes and HACCP.
Come and enjoy the wonders of the mountains!
Antey - Saint - Andre (1080sml) are situated only 9km from the highway exit to Chatillon. It crosses the small town of Marmore, which offers a historical and mosaic history. At the base of Cervino Mountain lies a wonderful valley, which truly makes this the ideal place to spend a relaxing and re-energizing vacation. You will be overwhelmed by the mild weather and the wonderful array of flowers, colors, and fragrance. In every burg in Antev, it is possible to admire typical elements of interest and old historical chapels filled with architectonic beauty and art. For sport lovers, ANTEY-ST-ANDRE offers recreational sports facility in a beautiful panoramic and tranquil area. Numerous facilities include sports climbing, soccer, tennis, horseback riding and others. Moreover, you may re-energize your body and mind with trips through the trails either on foot or by horseback. During the winter months, along the "beauregarde du Cervin" skiing remains open all season long. There is no sport climbing on ice at (rings of 7.5-5-3 km). Neighboring the middle of the Marmore and Antev valley makes this one of the best hubs for a ski resort.


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